About Me

Hello I am Valerie Ro, a professional Astro Psychologist that is passionate about providing the best astrological guidance to achieve clarity in your life and of course in your ultimate destiny.

I have previously used astrological guidance within my own personal journey which helped me immensely when I was overcoming various challenges in my life.

The Benefits enabled me to develop myself much further in my life and business; something I could never have imagined.

Now I want to share my life changing experiences and results with you!

Are you ready to go for it?

Let’s do this!


Do you believe the Universe is serving you well?

Or are you feeling disappointed, demotivated and basically ‘stuck in a rut’?

Have you already explored other routes to help you, but they haven’t worked?

If you would like to enjoy a more balanced and fulfilled life and have a greater understanding of how Astrology can really help you.

I am ready to help. Are you ready to learn more?

I can really help you to understand more about your life through the magnificent power of Astrology.

Want to learn more?

Would you like to work with me, so that I can help you?

You can email me on: val@valastroart.com


In addition to the personalised astrological charts; I also offer a supplementary service that compliments my business well and certainly benefits all of my clients.

This service is hand painted art pieces that are bespoke for each client; using colour palettes & astrological symbols that best describe each client.

It provides a great insight into the current and emotional state of each client.

These art pieces are extremely popular with my client base, as they are reasonably priced and are painted by me; in order to hang in the room of your choice as a gentle reminder of where you are currently at in your life and what lies in the future.

Here are a few pieces: