”Fascinating incite into my life’s path! Where I have been, where I am going and what I need to work on! Valarie is an extremely knowledgeable professional who produces interpretations of astrology in explanatory portions! She has changed my life and I cannot recommend or praise her enough… Emily Walker”

— Emily

“Val has provided me with an amazing amount of information. She is very knowledgeable and has a charming, warm and engaging manner. As well as providing me with my natal chart, in the form of a beautiful painting, she provided insight into my strengths and weaknesses and also answered questions on specific issues. I would encourage anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and what may lie ahead of them to consult her.”

— Marie

“Would like to thank Val for her great astro chart and Astro painting, Val has made an amazing chart for me with such accuracy and precision. Each of the terms used were clear explained and such a powerful personalised painting”

— Andrew

“I have always found astrology, planets & stars intriguing, but horoscopes you read online or in magazines pretty pointless. Discussing my astrology chart with Val took things to a new level, in particular the personal insight and learning opportunities to take forward in my life. It was exciting to learn more about celestial bodies and it was a great experience for me”

— Billy B

“Val’s astrology chart is simply the best! It’s super detailed in all main aspects of life and personality explaining why I am who I am. The best thing is that Val gives tips on how to change and overcome situations and problematic areas depending on the star sign and planets. I am truly thankful for the deep insight and now a lot better understanding of myself. Val’s vast knowledge and experience shines through as she can answer any question. I highly recommend Val’s astrology charts to anyone. Thank you so much”

— Lisa

“My personal birth chart reading with Val was life changing . I was nearly 30 and had never had a birth chart reading before.

She told me exactly what I had been through in my life ; recognised my talents and identified my fears. Most importantly, she gave me suggestions on how to overcome my fears and live a more fulfilled life in all its aspects.

It helped me to understand myself better and it provided answers to many questions that I had.

My private life also changed in a very good way after the consultation. I can’t thank Val enough for the impact that she made on my life with her astrological knowledge.

Looking forward to my solar chart next year!”

— Jenny

“I highly recommend Valastroart Astrology! Very accurate and an amazing insight on aspects of my personality and opportunities for the future. It was fascinating, and more to astrology than ever thought could be. ”

— Jane