Birth Chart Reading  
  Cost £  
Numerology Consultatuon £30 for a 30 minute video call
Astrology – Natal Chart (Birth Chart) Interpretation Consultatuon -Your Character£45 for a 45 min video call   
Astrology – Natal Chart Interpretation – Consultatuon – 1 or 2 questions£60 for a  60 minute video or face to face meeting  
Astrology – Solar Return Chart – Horoscope for the year£60  for a 60 minute video call or face to face meeting
PackageCost £
Astrology – Synastry – Partner compatibility chart£80 for a 90 minute video call or face to face meeting
A Horoscope Painting + Consultation£150 for a 60 minute video call or face to face meeting

Questions you can ask an Astrologer

When having a consultation with an Astrologer you can ask about any matters pertinent to your life as Astrology allows you to see aspects of your life including your past, present and future. Examples of such topics and questions are :-

1. Self
What lesson am I supposed to learn in this life?
In what areas of my life can I be lucky?
Tell me about my karma
Skills and potential
When and where will I be able to achieve the most in my life
What is it that is important for me to know
What are my fears and how can I overcome them
What can I do to help me to achieve happiness or harmony
How to overcome the crisis/crises in my life

2. Relationships
Which partner is the best fit for me?
What do I need to do to improve my relationship with my partner/others
When will I find love?

3. Career
When is the best time to change my job
What profession should I choose for success or for happiness
Should I start my own business – is now the right time

4. Money
Will my financial situation improve
What can I do to increase my finances
When would be a good time to invest

5. Property and Travel
When would be the best time to move house
Will I get to work abroad
Which countries would be good for me to travel to

6. Family and Children
Will I have children
Relationships between family members
When is the best time to get pregnant

Painted Astrological Art Pieces  
  Cost £  
Canvas size 50cm x 50cm Artwork (20’’x 20’’)
starting from £100
Canvas size 61cm x 76cm Artwork (24’x 30’’)starting from £180
Canvas size 80cm x 101cm Artwork (32’’x 40’’)starting from £250
Mural Paintingstarting from £150 per m2

In addition to the personalised astrological charts; I also offer a supplementary service that compliments my business well and certainly benefits all of my clients.
This service is hand painted art pieces that are bespoke for each client; using colour palettes & astrological symbols that best describe each client.
It provides a great insight into the current and emotional state of each client.
These art pieces are extremely popular with my client base, as they are reasonably priced and are painted by me; in order to hang in the room of your choice as a gentle reminder of where you are currently at in your life and what lies in the future.