Art Workshop: The Power of Colour. Burton-on-Trent.

Art Workshop “POWER OF COLOUR”.

Experience the healing power of colour and art.

 Create abstract artwork that brings joy, relaxation, and energy.

Learn how colour influences your well-being.

Program Highlights:

·       Guided abstract painting for mood improvement.

·       Meditation to open your senses and sacral chakra for enhanced creativity.

·       Discover the fascinating connection between chakras and aura colours.

·       Immersive music to aid relaxation.

·       Insights into colour therapy for self-healing.

·       Tips on wearing colours to boost happiness.

·       Exercises to lead your brush more boldly and achieve freedom in your hand movements.

Join us for a vibrant journey into the world of colour therapy and artistic expression. Limited spaces available in a small group setting. Price: £35 per person. All materials included: printed materials, canvas, easels, brushes, paints and herbal teas.

To book your space, please contact via email:

 or mobile: 07895059746.

Based at Burton upon Trent.


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